A man walks in a Marrakech souk near sunset

Man walks in a Marrakech Souk

Marrakech has an insanely fast pace. Things happen in seconds, and it is difficult as a photographer to keep up with what is happening around you. Initially attracted to the light coming into the gate of the souk, I decided to turn around and just take a quick shot when …

Project 52: Week 5

Week 5 brings, what is hopefully an interesting composition/composite 🙂 One day left to get week 6 in and no photo made yet… see below for the original takes of this composite.

Portrait of a man in an Amsterdam street in the evening

Drink and Click™ NL Chapter Launch Event Recap

Last weekend was the initial Drink and Click™ NL Chapter Launch event , and even though the weather was, well crap, we actually had a turn out! With the days getting shorter and shorter here in the Netherlands, we made the most of it with our fast prime lenses, and the …