The empire state building seen from the observation deck at the top of the rock at the rockefeller centre in New York City. Taken with a FujiFilm X-Pro1 and a 23mm lens

Manhattan from the Top of The Rock

Taken in mid December, just before Christmas from the Top of the Rock with my FujiFilm X-Pro1 and the 23mm. Many people go to the Empire State Building, to take on the sights of Manhattan, but here’s the thing. The view is mostly obstructed with heavy bars, and you need …

A photograph of Toronto's Gooderham Building, the flat Iron

Toronto’s Gooderham Building

I took this photo back in 2012 during the winter season. I remember this morning being one of those typical Canadian winter mornings, where its so damn cold that your snot freezes, but man was it a beautiful morning. I had just finished having lunch at the George Street Dinner, when …

Looking up tall buildings in London's South Bank

Looking up in London’s South Bank

From last December in London, the buildings near Tower Bridge in the South Bank. Processing wise, this photo didn’t go through a lot of work. Starting with the X-Pro1 RAW file, I did some initial exposure adjustments. Then I started from a VSCOFilm Black and White Tri-X preset. From there, …

Gigantic Snow Flakes in Amsterdam

  We had a nice little snow storm yesterday here in Amsterdam, where the snow flakes were anything but little. The city quickly turned into something that looked like out of a movie set. The snow quickly covered everyone and everything, yet it was just beautiful to look at and …

A photograph of the the London Millennium Footbridge on a cloudy day

The London Millennium Footbridge

Made a quick trip to London this past weekend, and made the best to try and see as much as possible in the shortest amount of time 🙂 As such, not a great trip for photograph opportunities, but managed to capture a few I’m pleased with. This is the first, London …

Image of the main beach in Figueira da Foz, showing the sand and blue sky

Figueira da Foz Beach, Portugal

In Portugal for the month of August, visiting old and new. This is an image of the longest beach in Europe which is in Figueira da Foz where I grew up.