Positano beach in the summer

Summer in Positano

Italy in 2014. One of my fondest trips of all time. I feel so fortunate to have been able to be here, in this spot at the peak of the season. Probably the most amazing sea water I have ever had the pleasure to swim in. Sometimes it still feels …

Image of the main beach in Figueira da Foz, showing the sand and blue sky

Figueira da Foz Beach, Portugal

In Portugal for the month of August, visiting old and new. This is an image of the longest beach in Europe which is in Figueira da Foz where I grew up.

Photograph of the Scheveningen beach at sunset

Scheveningen Sunset #4

  The last image from my series on Scheveningen. Taken during the same time as the previous images. My original intent was to make this a black and white image, however once I started to process it, it went a completely different way. I am glad however how this has …

Photograph of the Scheveningen pier in the Netherlands at sunset

Scheveningen Sunset #2

  Back to colour today, and also back to Scheveningen. Taken on the same day as my previous post of the same subject, just a few minutes later in the day. I wanted to stretch the colours on this one even further then what I’ve done previously, and I’m quite pleased with …

Image of the Scheveningen pier in The Hague at sunset

Scheveningen Sunset

  A little bit of a break from the Venice photos, and back to more familiar territory. My friend Marko and I visited Scheveningen back in August of last year to make some photographs of the pier and beach. We took the train from Amsterdam, where we traded work stories and …