A blurred photograph of Venice

Venice, Blurred II

Another experiment, this time a second take similar to the previous post. Taken during the last weekend of Carnival in Venice, Italy. Field Notes With my Lee filter system mounted and Big Stopper attached, I held the shutter open manually while blindly trying to frame what was ahead of me. It …

San marco in venice, blurred

Venice, Blurred

This week, we have another of these experimental blurred/camera movement images. This time from a perhaps more recognisable place. This was taken during the last Carnival weekend in February from the side of a Vaporetto heading back to Piazza San Marco from San Giorgio Maggiore. Field Notes With my Lee filter system …

A long exposure in black of white of the pink flamingos at the Artis, the Amsterdam Zoo

The Pink Flamingos Artis, the Amsterdam Zoo

Something a little different this week. Weeks ago in a cold winter day, I had the idea of making a long exposure of the flamingos at the Artis, the wonderful zoo in Amsterdam. I had hoped that most of them would be standing still and sleeping, and I got lucky, as …

A foggy evening on the Pastoorbrug in Amsterdam

A foggy evening on the Pastoorbrug in Amsterdam

Taken quite a few weeks ago when Amsterdam was covered in a thick winter fog. This area of Amsterdam is one of the most picturesque, as well as one of the oldest. Starting from the Brouwersgracht over in the Joordan, and stretching into the medieval core of the city, it is one …

A couple of masked and costumed carnival attendants pose for photographers at sunrise in venice

Sunrise Photoshoot in Venice at Piazza San Marco

You have to be crazier than the rest of the people in Venice in order to get the best shots, which means getting up even earlier than what most people think is already an early time to wakeup. Waking up at 5am to capture the early morning scenes in Venice has …

A long exposure image of a ferry doc in Amsterdam

Amsterdam, Veer Distelweg Long Exposure

Just before 2014 came to an end, I travelled to Amsterdam Noord and made this long exposure of the Veer Distelweg ferry stop. The weather was terrible and I did not manage to capture a log of cloud movement, but I am pleased how this turned out. I decided to process it in …

long exposure of a ship in the wesport, port of Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Amsterdam Wesport long exposure

For the last few days, I’ve been participating in the 5 days of Black and White challenge over on Facebook.  As such I’ve been looking through my archives for suitable images to use in the challenge. Which brings me to this image. Taken a while back, it’s been sitting pretty …

The ceiling of the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, looking straight up

The interior of La Sagrada Família in Barcelona

One more from Barcelona, this time the Sagrada Familia. What a beautiful place, there is nothing else quite like it in the world. It is at times hard to believe that it can actually stand on its own and not collapse given all of the strange and wonderful architecture by …

Image of the inside of the Barcelona Cathedral, showing the back of the altar, a cross and angels

Inside Barcelona Cathedral

The inside of the old Barcelona Cathedral, taken last year in the Catalan capital and processed with the new Lightroom 5.