The stars of the Milky Way over Amsterdam, on the river Amstel

What Would it be Like to See The Milky Way over Amsterdam?

Maybe it would be something like this. The stars of the Milky Way over the river Amstel in Amsterdam, could perhaps look this way if they could be seen. Inspiration sometimes comes from places where you least expect it. Often it is already there just waiting to be discovered. Which is the case with this image.

If it is’t obvious, this is a composite image made out of two photographs from two very different locations, but combined to create what you see above. Is it still a photograph? Is it still Art? Regardless, of the answers to those questions, what is interesting to me is the aspect of wonder. If you could see the Milky Way over our beloved Amsterdam, would it look like this?

  • Photo(geo)grapher

    Really amazing scene. Well done!

  • What a spectacular image! Definitely art.

  • Tara Scogin

    Just saw this photo on my chrome cast – I love it! Incredible.

  • Nancy Heeringa

    Do you sell prints ?

  • Angelica Gutierrez

    Where did you take the shot of the Milky Way?

    • Hi Angelica, the milky way shot was taken during a trip to Morocco in the Sahara desert.

  • Vignesh Dhakshinamoorthy

    Same here, your work was featured on Chromecast and me and my wife liked your work very much. Nicely imagined and composite’ed.

  • Danielle Morales

    Saw this on Chromecast, beautiful!

  • Tarik Benbaqual

    Amazing Art. Thanks Jhon for the beauty that you capture.

  • Danathar

    What kind of shot of the sky would you have gotten if you had done a long exposure (assuming the sky is clear)? My initial impression was that it was a long exposure shot much like what ESO does at the southern observatory

    • Hi there, usually, anything over 15 seconds in exposure with stars, starts to create trails. So it wouldn’t be as “pointed”. That’s why you typically need a high ISO and a low aperture, in order to keep the exposure time low. Unless of course you want trails, which in that case you want a longer exposure, still a high ISO but a smaller aperture.

  • Beach Blonde

    Just saw this photo/composite on my Chromecast Ultra as well…..just stunning. I love the background photo feature that allows me to see art such as this … I would not have not seen otherwise. Excellent photo – excellent feature.