Photograph of the silhouette of the Blue Mosque in Istanbul Turkey

The Blue Mosque – (Sultan Ahmed Mosque) at Sunset

Perhaps it is a bit of a cliche to say that the Blue Mosque was my favorite mosque in Istanbul, but its true. I start with a fairly typical but must have image of the Blue Mosque silhouetted against the setting sun. Unfortunately the skies were not this orange 🙂 It took a little bit of post work to get it to look like this.

The interesting part was finding a view point to make this shot. After wondering around the Sultanahmet district looking for a roof top terrace to shoot from, and without really knowing what would work, we decided to pop into a hotel and ask the front desk. As usual (for Istanbul) the staff was super friendly and even though they had their own rooftop, they recommended we go elsewhere if we wanted the best sunset view of the Blue Mosque. The quality of service we experienced, and as well just the overall demeanor of the Turkish people we met was always of a friendly nature. Even the vendors at the Grand Bazaar, while pushy and a bit in your face, still pretty friendly.

And so of we went to the Seven Hills Restaurant, where we were lucky to get a corner seat where this photo was taken. To our backs was the  Hagia Sophia. We had a few small plates to eat, and enjoyed a cold beverage, while we waited for sunset and the blue hour. If you go to Istanbul, the terrace and the staff at the Seven Hills Restaurant is not to be missed 🙂

More to come.

  • Thanks for the tip, John!  Definitely booking Seven Hills now and will bring my tripod.  If we’re lucky, we’ll get the pink/purple streaks that usually come with the sunset.  Love that you even got the silhouette of the flying bird.  Did you put an overlay on the mosque as well to make it really black?  Or is that sheer skillz?  🙂

    • Thanks Jizelle! The food wasn’t great, but I hear the fish is what they are famous for, which we did not have. But the view alone is reason enough to go. The bird, just happend to be in the right place at the right time. I underexposed the image by 2 stops to get it black and bring out the colors in the sky. There was very little orange in the sky at the time, but photoshop helps by increasing the contrast and the white balance 🙂